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Shop - Flashy and Widy acquisition boards

For more information on these boards, check the Flashy (PDF) and Widy (PDF) pages.


Flash analog acquisition board

  • One channel
Item#1205  (Flash/ADC08060 @60MHz)
Item#1206  (Flash/ADC08100 @100MHz)Out of stock
Item#1207  (Flash/ADC08200 @125-133MHz)

Flashy analog acquisition board

  • One channel
  • V-pos, V-range and period output
Item#1225  (Flashy/ADC08060 @60MHz)Out of stock
Item#1226  (Flashy/ADC08100 @100MHz)
Item#1227  (Flashy/ADC08200 @125-133MHz)

Widy analog acquisition board

  • One input 10bit @20MHz using one AD9200
Item#1240  (Widy - no oscillator)
Item#1242  (Widy - with socketed 20MHz oscillator)