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HDMI adapter boards

  • HDMI with DDC I2C connector and hot plug detect LED
Item#5180  (HDMI adapter board - generic) (1x10 connector)
Item#5185  (HDMI adapter board - IIx) (2x8 connector - for the Pluto-IIx and Pluto-IIx HDMI boards only)

Multi-connectors adapter board

  • Board with six different connectors
    • RS-232 (DB9)
    • VGA (DB15-HD)
    • Ethernet (RJ-45)
    • Mouse/Keyboard (PS/2)
    • Audio or Video (RCA)
    • Audio stereo jack 2.5mm (headphone jack)
  • VGA and Ethernet connectors have impedance matching series resistors on the board
  • Compatible with solderless breadboards (headers on the back with 0.1" spacing)
Item#2430  (Multi-connectors adapter board)

DB-25 adapter PCB

  • Allows connecting a DB-25 connector to a Saxo/Xylo board (useful for CNC applications)
Item#2320  (DB-25 adapter PCB)