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  • With cable and connector
Item#1425  (Push-button with cable/connector)

Module switch

Item#2323  (Push-button module switch)

DIL switches

  • 4 and 8 positions
Item#2326  (DIL switches 4 positions)
Item#2325  (DIL switches 8 positions)

Keypad 3x4

  • 12 keys keypad (10 digits plus * and #)
  • Organized in a 3x4 matrix (7 pins output header, 0.1" spacing)
Item#2448  (Keypad 12 keys)


  • Slide or push-button
Item#2445  (Two positions sliding switch) (wire mount, straight)
Item#2446  (Two positions sliding switch) (PCB mount, right-angle)
Item#2447  (Push-button switch) (PCB mount, right-angle)