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Multimeter probes

Item#1610  (Multimeter black/red test probes)


Item#1830  (Mini-grabber, style 1) (male header pin=to be attached to a probing cable sold below)
Item#1831  (Mini-grabber, style 2) (with wire)

Probing cables/terminals

  • Create flying attachments to 0.025" square posts or mini-grabber style 1 (sold above)
  • One foot long (30cm)
Item#1850  (Probing cable 50 conductors, female)
Item#1851  (Probing cable 50 conductors, female to female)
Item#1852  (Probing cable 50 conductors, female to male)

Probing terminal

  • Female terminal, to be crimped or soldered to a wire
Item#1880  (Female terminals, strip of 10)
Item#1881  (Female terminals, strip of 200)

Heat shrink tubing

  • Heat shrink tubing in 7" long strips
Item#1885  (Heat shrink tubing) (∅=1/16")
Item#1886  (Heat shrink tubing) (∅=1/8")
Item#1887  (Heat shrink tubing) (∅=3/16")
Item#1888  (Heat shrink tubing) (∅=1/2")