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FPGAs - Xilinx

Item#8000  (XC2S50-5TQ144) (Xilinx Spartan-II 50K, TQFP-144)
Item#8001  (XC2S100-5TQ144) (Xilinx Spartan-II 100K, TQFP-144)
Item#8006  (XC3S500E-4PQG208) (Xilinx Spartan-3E 500K, PQFP-208)

FPGAs - Altera

Item#8010  (EP1K10TC100-3) (Altera APEX EP1K10, TQFP-100)
Item#8011  (EP1C3T100C8) (Altera Cyclone EP1C3, TQFP-100)
Item#8012  (EP2C5T144C8) (Altera Cyclone-2 EP2C5, TQFP-144)
Item#8015  (EP2S15F484C5) (Altera Stratix-2 EP2S15, FBGA-484)


  • May have been factory programmed - to program/erase using JTAG or a standalone programmer
Item#2130  (EPM3032ALC44) (CPLD 32 macrocells, PLCC-44)
Item#2131  (EPM7032AETC44) (CPLD 32 macrocells, TQFP-44)
Item#2132  (EPM7256AEFC100) (CPLD 256 macrocells, BGA-100)
Item#8100  (EPM240T100C5) (Altera MAX-II EPM240, TQFP-100)