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LCD module 2 lines

Item#1320  (LCD 2 lines x 8 characters) (2x7 header)
Item#1321  (LCD 2 lines x 16 characters) (1x14 header)
Item#1322  (LCD 2 lines x 16 characters) (2x7 header)
Item#1330  (LCD 2 lines x 16 characters) (2x7 header, LED backlight)

LCD module 4 lines

Item#1325  (LCD 4 lines x 16 characters)
Item#1326  (LCD 4 lines x 16 characters) (with FPC)

Headers and flat cable 2x7

  • Suitable for text LCDs with 2x7 headers
Item#2406  (Male header 2x7)Out of stock
Item#2465  (Female header 2x7) (straight)
Item#1601  (Flat cable 14 conductors) (with IDC connectors)

Text LCD adapter PCB

  • PCB with both 1x14 and 2x7 headers, wired together
  • Allows to use an 1x14 LCD with a 2x7 header (or vice-versa)
  • This is the blank PCB, to be wired/soldered on
Item#2317  (Text LCD adapter PCB)

Potentiometer 5KΩ

  • Suitable to adjust the contrast on text LCD modules
  • Can be plugged directly onto a solderless breadboard, or can be soldered
  • Easy to adjust manually or using a small screwdriver
Item#2316  (Potentiometer 5K)