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HF connectors and nuts

Item#1250  (Right-angle BNC connector, metal-cast)
Item#1251  (Right-angle BNC connector, plastic-cast)
Item#1252  (Straight BNC connector, metal-cast)
Item#1253  (Straight BNC connector, plastic-cast)
Item#1257  (BNC hex nut)
Item#1260  (SMA connector, straight)

Flashy/Widy data connectors

  • Used between FPGA and Flashy/Widy boards
    • For Flash/Flashy/Widy, get the 2x8 connectors
    • For FlashD/FlashyD/Widy-D, get the 2x13 connectors
Item#1275  (One male + one female 2x8 connector)
Item#1276  (One male + one female 2x13 connector)

Nylon standoffs and screws

  • Holds Flashy/Widy above the FPGA board
    Note that we currently ship nylon screws (unlike what is shown on the picture)
Item#1270  (Two nylon standoffs + four screws)