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Flat cables with IDC connectors

  • Available in gray 10, 14 and 20 conductors
  • Useful for FPGA JTAG, text LCD, and ARM JTAG
Item#1600  (Flat cable 10 conductors) (with IDC connectors)
Item#1601  (Flat cable 14 conductors) (with IDC connectors)
Item#1602  (Flat cable 20 conductors) (with IDC connectors)

Flat cables

  • Flat "ribbon" cables, common .050" (1.27mm) pitch, 1 foot long - about 30cm
  • Available in gray 50 conductors, or color 40 conductors
  • Compatible with IDC connectors
Item#1860  (Flat cable gray 50 conductors)
Item#1861  (Flat cable color 40 conductors)

Jumper cable

Item#2188  (Jumper cable 4 conductors) (0.1" pitch, 2.5" long)