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RS-232 interface



  • RS-232 interface board
  • Use with any Pluto board
Item#6130  (TXDI) (DC connector in the front)
Item#6135  (TXDI) (DC connector in the back)Out of stock


  • RS-232 interface board
  • Use with any Pluto board, and with Dragons/Saxos/Xylos
  • Includes a 5V fixed regulator plus
    • item# 6140 only: optional 5V output jack
    • item# 6150 only: adjustable output (2.6V to 12V) controlled by a small potentiometer
Item#6140  (TXDI/MAX232/5V-reg)
Item#6150  (TXDI/MAX232/5V-reg/adj-reg)

USB interface


  • USB interface board
  • Use with any Pluto board, or with Dragon/-E, Saxo/-L/-Q, Xylo/-EM/-L/-LM (connect to the 5V secondary port)
Item#6160  (TXDI/FTDI)Out of stock

TXDI/FTDI USB + isolation board

  • USB interface board
  • Isolation board uses opto-isolators and an optional isolated DC/DC converter
  • Ideal to "float" Flashy oscilloscope
    • Use the no DC/DC version for Dragons/Saxos/Xylos
    • Use the 1W version for Pluto/-II/IIx with Flashy
    • Use the 2W version for Pluto/-II/IIx/-3 with FlashyD
Item#6170  (TXDI/FTDI + isolation board, no DC/DC)
Item#6172  (TXDI/FTDI + isolation board with 1W DC/DC)
Item#6174  (TXDI/FTDI + isolation board with 2W DC/DC)