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April 15th 2023: A quick guide to (re)program GCVideo on the latest Pluto boards.

March 15th 2023: A USB-C cable tester... order it here.

Feb 15th 2023: S&H on all USPS domestic shipments is now $4.95

Nov 2021: Pluto-IIx HDMI pre-programmed with GCVideo 3.1 for Gamecube.

Sept 2020: Pluto-IIx HDMI pre-programmed with GCVideo 3.0e for Gamecube.

Oct 2019: We are now shipping Pluto-IIx HDMI rev. E with integrated HDMI DDC resistor.

Oct 2017: A small script to configure Pluto-3 on Linux.

Mar 2016: After a few requests, we now have Pluto-IIx HDMI available pre-programmed for GCVideo DVI

Aug 2015: Xylo-E FX2 board features a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA, USB-2, SDRAM, HDMI, plus micro-SD and Ethernet options

May 2015: A Multichannel Acquisition Board using LabView. See also the PDF

Jan 2015: The new Dragon-L PCI-express & HDMI board

Nov 2014: A user contributed logic analyzer for Xylo-LM - thanks Mr. Heitman!

Sept 2014: A general-purpose CNC 3-axis machine powered by KNJN electronics

June 2014: an HP8568B spectrum analyzer output recorder using the Widy-D board