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Flashy acquisition board

Flashy is an high-speed analog acquisition board.
It is typically used with an FPGA board to create a digital oscilloscope.

Here's a one-channel Flashy (top board) with a BNC connector and a Pluto-II (bottom board). The combination makes a one-channel 100MSPS (mega-samples-per-seconds) digital oscilloscope.

The Flashy boards come in three speed grades:

Flashy with a KNJN FPGA board

When Flashy is used in conjunction with KNJN FPGA boards, we provide the following software:

Here's a view of FlashyDemo (click on the picture for a bigger view):

Note that there are actually four boards available.

Board nameV-posV-rangePeriod output# of inputs
FlashyPOT & DACPOT & DACYes1


For more details, see the Flashy datasheet here.

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Go to the Shop - Flashy and Widy acquisition boards page or the Shop - FlashyD and Widy-D acquisition boards page.