KNJNelectronic development products

Pluto, Pluto-II/-IIx/HDMI and Pluto-3 FPGA boards

FPGA development boards that plug into a PC's serial port.


FPGA configuration

Select a bitfile, and click the 'Configure!' button in the provided application. The process takes 10 to 60 seconds. The boot-PROM can also programmed/verified/erased (with Pluto-II/-IIx/HDMI/-3 only, since Pluto doesn't have a boot-PROM).

How to connect the boards to a PC

The Pluto boards connect to a PC's serial port.
The serial port has two purposes:

  1. It is used for FPGA/boot-PROM configuration.
  2. It is used for PC <--> FPGA communication once the FPGA is configured (you can write a PC software that give orders to the FPGA, for example).

What files do you receive with the Pluto boards?

Board files: FPGA projects, 'ready to compile':
To purchase a board

Go to the Shop - FPGA development boards (serial and parallel) page.