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Shop - FPGA development boards (RS-232 and parallel)

This is the shopping page for the Pluto boards. For information on these boards, check the serial boards (PDF) and parallel board (PDF) pages.

Serial interface


Pluto FPGA boards

Item#6120  (Pluto EP1K10)
Item#6110  (Pluto-IIx XC3S50)
Item#6111  (Pluto-IIx XC3S200)
Item#6112  (Pluto-IIx XC3S200 HDMI)
Item#6117  (Pluto-IIx XC3S200 HDMI) (pre-programmed with GCVideo 3.1 for Gamecube)
Item#6118  (Pluto-IIx XC3S200 HDMI) (pre-programmed with GCVideo 3.1 for Wii)
Item#6124  (Pluto-3 EP2C5)
Item#6128  (Pluto-3 EP2C8)


  • RS-232 interface board
  • Use with any Pluto board
Item#6130  (TXDI) (DC connector in the front)
Item#6135  (TXDI) (DC connector in the back)Out of stock


  • USB interface board
  • Use with any Pluto board, or with Dragon/-E, Saxo/-L/-Q, Xylo/-EM/-L/-LM (connect to the 5V secondary port)
Item#6160  (TXDI/FTDI)Out of stock

HDMI adapter boards

  • HDMI with DDC I2C connector and hot plug detect LED
Item#5180  (HDMI adapter board - generic) (1x10 connector)
Item#5185  (HDMI adapter board - IIx) (2x8 connector - for the Pluto-IIx and Pluto-IIx HDMI boards only)

Parallel interface


Item#1720  (Pluto-P)